Being a designer has given me the opportunity to grow my passion in making great solutions for clients and users. In my professional working years, I have gotten the opportunity to work on both established products with tens-of-thousands of users and in the startup-phase. This experience has taught me to be versatile in my way of working and to adapt quickly to the question being asked. I like to get down and dirty with the whole process of creating digital experiences, from figuring out the requirements to finding the right shapes and sizes. My main objectives include ensuring the team keeps the user in mind, to ask many questions and to make sure the deadline is achieved.

– Rapid prototyping: Low-Fi and Hi-Fi prototypes.
– Basic Front-end skills including working with CSS preprocessors and semantic HTML.
– Creating a modular and Scalable CSS using Scss and Less (for large applications).
– A mobile/content-first approach.
– Working on SaaS applications and related applications/products.

Work style:
– Helpful.
– Team-player.
– Eager to learn new things.
– Creates a positive atmosphere.

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Work in progress: these projects are currently being translated into English. 


EduArte Education showcase
The responsive interface on EduArte Education


parnassys parent portal showcase
A responsive redesign for the ParnasSys portal for parents.


Digdag showcase
DigDag suite consists of multiple responsive applications and apps for childcare and parents.